Vision, Mission & Pledge

Sustainable world

Vision in detail:
1. Environmental balance.
2. Having better governance and law enforcement.
3. Increased influence by us on the world culture (including religion) so that the culture supports better knowledge and ethics.

All intellectuals across the globe to unite and fight for sustainable world.

Mission in detail:
1. Uniting all intellectuals across the globe.
2. Making our group famous so that the world listens to us.
3. Educating the world to live environmental friendly life and pressurizing the governments to bring laws in favor of environmental balance.
4. Educating the world about good governance and law enforcement; pressurizing the governments to make changes in favor of better governance and law enforcement; pressurizing the democracies to introduce examination for the nominees in the elections.
5. Educating the world on human psychology and good culture; spread of the right spiritual knowledge; suppression of non-science and hypocrisy.

(This pledge is not mandatory. But if a member takes this pledge, that member must abide by it. A member can take this pledge in mind or vocally)

I accept and support the vision and mission of the group ‘Global Intellectuals Union’.

I will put diligent efforts to support the vision and the mission of the group.

I will obey the rules set by the group leadership for the group members in line with the vision and the mission of the group.