LOVE – Understanding it correctly

LOVE – What is it?

When a person observes his environment, he looks at animals and people and observes what they do. He interprets their souls in his soul. So, he feels the souls of animals or people observed by him or considered by him. But, the observing person wants to feel happy. So, he works for the happiness of observed animals and people; which is in fact an effort to make him-self happy through interpretation of their souls in his soul.

One being loved feels support and eventual stress reduction.

But, interpretation of others’ feelings is not as effective as understanding of self feelings. This property of not being able to understand others’ feelings on par with those of self is called selfishness. This is because of the limited ability of the brain to analyze others’ feelings from the observation, which varies among animals and person to person. Inability to interpret others’ feelings leads to behaviors like selfishness, cruelty, carelessness, irresponsibility, etc.

Let us consider a boy torturing a big ant and enjoying it. He finds more joy in a suffering insect’s dance than he feels its sadness.mother-589730_960_720

Human Relationships:

Love or friendship gives happiness, a feel of support and frees from stress.

A mother loves all of her children at all times. So, love or friendship can be shared with many.

A friend is always loved but a beloved one need not be a close friend. A person who loves you needs not always be close to you philosophically (like your parents), but a friend does. Practically and mostly friendship and love are nearly the same since always whom we love becomes a friend or the love breaks down quickly.

What blossoms between teenagers is not just love in many cases. It includes sexual attraction too. But, very few get attracted to whom is not lovable, because it is better to get both love and physical beauty than to get physical beauty and nothing else or hatred. There is no guilty in getting attracted to physical beauty or sexiness.

There is no restriction that love cannot be started after marriage. So, there is no need for a girl to accept the love marriage proposals of a poorer or less smart guy and marry him, unless she already expressed love to him and/or the guy loves her deep and/or there is some other important thing; and vice versa. The same or better love along with desired property or luxury can be obtained from some other guy by marriage. Love is one of the luxuries/joys people get. It is nothing more than that. There is no need to do big sacrifices in the name of love; and it should not be expected.

There are cheaters who want only physical beauty and money, but act love to get them.

If a man marries more than one woman, the time spent with a woman in love will be less and she misses a lot. This is why one-to-one marital life is desirable and good.

People get married because they want some permanent partner in life. So, they should try to keep the relationship permanent as desired and promised in wedding. Spouse should be passive and friendly to each other rather than dominant.

Often, if the people whom we like are of opposite sex, we mistake and feel guilty that we are getting attracted to their sexiness. But, this is actually not getting attracted to the sexiness always. As love can be felt well with a hug or touch, we like to physically near whom we like.

Love and Meditation:

When mind is with out pressures, it automatically starts sensing bliss from inside. Love or Friendship support a person (animal) and reduce stress to some extent. These are some contexts of meditational sense in very limited levels in common life.


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