About Us

This is a union of intellectuals to serve the interests of all the intellectuals on the globe through the strength of unity.

Every member of this group has integrity. We think truth. We are generous. We are leaders. We are keepers of the order in the world. We are visionaries. We own solving issues. We are knowledgeable. We do not have partiality. We have good discipline. We accept existence of the God. We are the good and wise people.

Existing members are requested to add new members with the qualities described above. Intellectuals with the above qualities are welcome to join the group on their own. A person should have every quality described above with out exception to be member of this group.

Every member should be (make himself) aware of and agree with at least 75% (collectively) of the knowledge in the below 5 pages.
Human Psychology
Dharma (Law)
Ideal Government

Our interest is having the world the way we want it to be. That means, well being of all intellectuals in the world, well being of our children, continuity of well being of intellectuals in the future and well being of the world where we take birth and live in. We have to unite and lead the actions towards our vision because non-intellectuals do not care for the well being of the world.

Well being of us and the world means,

  1. Increased influence by us on the world culture (including religion) so that the culture supports good knowledge and ethics. Anti-religions, non-science and hypocrisy are enemies to good knowledge and culture. They have to be reduced.
  2. Saving the environment.
  3. Having good governance and law enforcement.
  4. Growth of our population relative to non-intellectuals.

We will have them when we have sufficient strength and fame.

Activities of each group member:

  1. Members with internet access to stay connected through the social media at least once in a month (Go to the Members tab for details). Members with no internet access to stay connected with the person who invited them to the group by phone or directly, at least once in a month.
  2. Actively adding like minded people to the group (People can be members of the group with out internet, but by staying in touch with the existing members directly or over phone.). Verify the actual historical activity of a person in the social networking sites and/or in the society before inviting to the group.
  3. Asking the new joinees (added by self generally) to read and understand the group description, vision, mission and the pledge thoroughly (or explain them).
  4. Contributing to the activities of the group when needed.

You are a member of this group, not to support the founders of the group. This group is for yourself. You should lead it, even with out the founding members.

Members must comprehend the group description and strictly adhere to it.